Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Vaporwave: the Flip of the Century

By: Dominic Martone

It all Started with One Album.

Macintosh Plus was released by electronic artist Vektroid on December 9th of 2011. This song was the first of its kind, a new genre: VaporWave. When this song came out it blew up, reaching thousands of plays on Youtube. The album is 47 minutes long and had its peak in 2016. In August of 2017, a company called Old English Spelling Bee announced they were putting the album on record. In 2019, Vektroid renewed the album with part 2. The album quickly became a close competitor to the reigning Rap genre, eventually merging and creating Lofi.

Why it Became so Popular

The album is a mix of samples of 80s songs and has a vibe-like retro feel. It has a feel of nostalgia from when you weren't around. It is meant to put you through a feeling called Anemoia. This feeling is just a good aesthetics feeling. This album has caused millions of songs trying to bring back the great 80’s songs, just in a new way.

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