Friday, September 21, 2018

High Stakes for Boys' Soccerfest Game 2018

                                                         by: Austin Holden 

“Everyone understands the importance of this game and what’ll happen if we lose.” This is what the Varsity Captain, Dominic Prezioso, said when asked about the game against Belvidere this Saturday. The North Warren Patriots will be faced against the Belvidere Seaters in a crucial match for both sides. The game is scheduled to start at 6:30pm at the home of the Patriots.
 The Patriots are searching for their first win of the season against the Seaters to improve to a 1-3 record. When team captain, Dominic Prezioso, was asked how the team felt about the opposition he said, “We have to work really hard and give it one-hundred percent, they seem to be decent, and we are both hungry for a win.” This game is vital to the team’s chances of making states this year. If they fail to beat Belvidere they will fall to 0-4, with an arduous schedule ahead of them. With many teams doubting the North Warren Patriots, as they lost many key players from last year, they are looking to make a statement.

Although the team has struggled in the first stretch of games this season, they are still trying to keep their heads up. When questioned about the team’s morale, Dominic responded with, “Right now we are bummed about being 0-3, but this game could be what we need.” He continued with, “This could change our season completely. We are hungry for that win.” The team has learned from its past fixtures and are ready to turn the season around. In his final statement, Prezioso said, “Everyone understands the importance of this game and what will happen if we lose. Everyone knows what needs to be done on Saturday and we can’t wait.” The team is ready to transform its season into a great one with a win against Belvidere.

Both teams are prepared for an intense game this Saturday. The Patriots are ready to turn things around and are looking to make a statement to all their doubters. Although they have had a rough start, they are set to put up a fight and get the win. Let’s Go Patriots!