Friday, December 11, 2020


By: Hannah Marie Watch

This year, holidays are different and it will be hard for us to get together with family, exchange gifts, share holiday cheer, carol,and more. And with so many new rules put in place, we have been a little lost. Plus with social distancing and wearing masks it is hard to show family and friends how much you care about them. So during this time we need a little inspiration. How are you going to give your family and friends gifts? How are you going to sing carols? How are you going to spread holiday cheer? 

Well for starters, there is the post office and that way you can send gifts. And yes, it might cost some money, but, would you rather not send anyone a gift or would you rather spend a little more money to show love to everyone? Personally, I would just spend the five or six bucks more.

Singing carols is fun ,yes, but how are we going to do it? Well you can social distance and sing with masks on, but who would want to do that? Instead, why don’t you make a video of everyone who you carol with, record and send it to your neighbors, friends, Mom, Dad, Aunt June, Uncle Barry, who ever.

Seeing family and friends is going to be hard with social distancing and masks, but you can always try calling them on new sites and apps like Facetime (IOS), Google Duo (ANDROID), Zoom, Doxie Me etc. This will make it easier to see them without fiscal contact. (And, here's a tip: you can not Facetime an android user if you are an IOS user),

To sum up, here are some ways you can spread holiday cheer:

1. Send local police thank you cards

2. Send hospital workers cards

3. Send gifts

4. Zoom family members

5. Show some support to a local business

6. Send love to distant relatives and so forth.

Holiday cheer is easy to spread the question is: How and who will you show and spread holiday cheer to?

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