Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Things People Need to STOP Saying about Equestrians

 An Opinion By: Araya White

  “It’s not a sport.”

It’s not a sport? Then tell me, why is it in the Olympics? I go for one ride at least once a week and after my lesson I go home with my legs shaking because I work so hard.  We have to be in physical shape to ride and some people have to diet themselves to be able to ride.  Plus, I’d like to see you ride a 1,000 pound animal with your hands and legs, and doesn’t speak your language!  

“You just sit there!”

I have personally had a few people say this to me, and everytime I say “Thank you!”  Here’s why I say this; If you were to see a rider with one hand high, one low, leaning back, and legs bouncing around you would probably think that they are a bad rider.  Or seeing someone kick their horse to go faster,  or pulling their horses face off to stop.  That’s the point.  Using invisible cues to control the horse, it’s truly amazing!

“I could do that too.”

Unless you ride yourself, I don’t think you can.  Yes you can ride a horse, but can you do it properly?  Probably not, unless you take 2 horse lessons in your free time.  It takes the average rider about a year to be able to canter over a 1 foot fence correctly if you take lessons once a week.  So unless you’re doing that don’t tell me you could easily ride a horse over a 3 foot fence.

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