Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Some Opinions About NWR Dress Code

By: C.J. Ashton

North Warren has had a dress code for a long time even though some students have chosen not to follow it. No matter how we look at this situation there are two things when it comes down to this issue: one is fact and the other is opinion.

Being a student at North Warren has shown me that this school wants to do the best for its students. When it comes to the dress code, it’s important that every student is heard and that the student body has a voice in the process of altering the dress code regulations; especially because it's a touchy subject.

Yes, there are a lot of people who are pushing for a uniform and there a lot of reasons why there should be a uniform. On the flip side, North Warren is a public school, with students who love to express individualism. With uniforms, we all lose that privilege.

I know a lot of people who wear boots or lacrosse shorts, even really bright ones. If we have uniforms it will take away from students’ individually. It would also be nice to not have uniforms because we need to be teenagers; these are our last couple years before adulthood and we’re going to need to dress for work. Allow us to have our last years of individuality.

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